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Default in dire need of help burning dvds w/ NERO

I used to use Ares for P2P, but recently I've discovered Limewire. I never had problems burning DVDs through Ares. Now however, I can't with Limewire.

Problem 1: When I choose make DVD-video on the menu page for Nero Startsmart, it goes to a window where the only options are make a CD, make a movie, make slideshow, not make a DVD. Which one should I choose?

Problem 2: If I choose one of these options I get an error first that the files are too large for the DVD, which did not happen with Ares. Also, it says there will be problems burning the disc, a message I never got before as well.

I have scoured the other forums, and maybe I am not searching right but I have not seen these particular problems answered.

Thank you very much!
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