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I've heard at least one LW build has had bittorrent support since at least last year. Whether it compromises upon bandwidth for other gnutella users I don't know. The member(s) lol involved might be able to add some insight into this. Obviously such a point depends upon a person's bandwidth capability. But I believe it has a lot to give for the network as et voilą suggested with the xtra material available thru torrents. But I'm a newbie re: torrents so I'm a ... get the chance to learn more about it when I can. lol There's lots of members here more in the know about torrents than I am & about LW's chances of adopting it. But I can say, most of my rare files I have been chasing for the past 4 yrs have generally originated from torrents. If they are more accessible to gnutella then it will make the world go round a lot easier & faster. Rather than depending upon other multinetwork programs that have a poor implementation of gnutella protocol & thus difficult to connect & share with. IMHO