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BT is hardly a network... their is very little overhead because the overhead consists of connecting to the tracker, getting ips, and connecting to those ips. the network itself is not searchable (however, LW could share the torrents back into the network creating somewhat of a trackerless torrent or a decentral way of accessing torrent files.)

i recommend lw seeding at a ratio of 1:1, to keep the major BT apps from viewing LW as a leech (somethin raza should be tought). once the content is finished download, the file is auto-shared into the gnet. making content more accessable .

since the file is shared back into both nets, everyone is happy.

BT would hardly be making LW multinetted because the overhead is so low, it doesnt leech, and it would be the same as downloading content direct from a server, but giving one copy away to a friend.