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Talking i got my money back!!!!!!!

I too was scammed by or IP-MP3 they charged me 27.76 on my credit card. I called them it was pretty handy that my credit card company had their phone number on the charge. When the girl asked me how she could help me I told her I wanted the 27.76 off my account. I told her that I knew they were a scam and that when I got on the the actual Limewire page it was a free service and that they gave me a corupt system that I couldn't even get off my computer till I talked to you guys thanks again. She started to get a little pissy with me but I told her that I knew it was a scam and she told me that, that was my opinion, I said no that's everyones opinion on this forum and I'm sure that better business bureau or whoever would listen would think so too. Needless to say I will be receiving my money back in 8 to 10 working days. If anyone else needs to get a hold of this company the number is 1-886-488-0790. I sure hope someone gets something out of this because I went thru hell for 2 days just to get the 4.8 version off. Good Luck to all.
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