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Here's more:

To be honest, I /dev/null all Sony/NetPD messages.
That's about how enforceable they are.


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> I saw a post on this lately.... Someone responed with a filter for
> the
> router; however, I can't find it.... Does anyone have any good ideas
> for
> these hosebags?

I posted the following on 9/25:

Has anyone else received demands to terminate/suspend
customers swapping
files with Aimster/Napster, etc.?

It appears from the notice we received, below, that Sony/NetPD
does not
recognize the sec. 512(a) limitation of liability for
communications" in the DMCA. However, I am concerned by the
language in 17 USC 5, sec. 512(i) which requires that a
service provider
"reasonably implement a policy of terminating in appropriate
circumstances the accounts of repeat infringers."

Does anyone know how to handle such cases?

There were no definitive replies regarding the legal issues presented,
and I still don't have an opinion regarding the enforceability of such
demands. They are so new, I doubt the issue has been litigated.
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