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Default Limit speed


I've seen several postings about limiting the up-/download speed in LimeWare. I'm kinda new to this site and was wandering if any of the suggestions have been honoured so far.

I'm using my Internet Connection to do many things. One of them is Skype. We live in Switzerland and have relatives in The Netherlands, so calling international is very important to us. When I set LimeWare to unlimited speeds I get incredible up-/download speeds (used WinMX before, but this is totally different stuff). Yesterday I bought Limeware for the staggering low price of 18 dollars and quite satisfied so far.

What I don't like (sorry) about the speedlimitations in the program is that I can't set my max. downloadspeed as a figure, but LimeWare seems to assume it's a certain amount when I set it to 'Cable' (which is what I have, 2 Gbit down, 512 Mbit up). Setting the slider 99% results in downloadspeeds that are too low (50 Kbyte/sec). Setting it to 100% results in too high (250 Kbyte/sec). I can only manipulate it by setting the speed to T1 or T3 (which is not what I have).

For me it doesn't have to be automatic. I know my up-/downloadspeeds so I can enter them. Than it would be a simple calculation to set it right to the percentages (Keep it stupidly simple (KISS)).

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