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Default Phex-URLs (where to turn for Infos)

Information about Phex can be found at various places.

The first place to check is its homepage (new URL): Phex - Home

Questions can be asked in this Forum ( Phex (Cross-platform) - Gnutella Forums ) or in the Wiki ( Main Page - PhexWiki ).

Long URLs:
Wiki: Main Page - PhexWiki

For developers and people harbouring Feature Requests or Bug-Reports the sourceforge-page of Phex will most likely prove interesting:

Project: Phex - P2P Gnutella filesharing program
Bugs: Bugs
Feature-Requests: Feature Requests

News- and Update-Sites featuring Phex:

On Versiontracker you can find Phex by following this URL:
Phex - Mac OS X - VersionTracker

News about OSX-Updates of Phex in German can be optained at - News Tag und Nacht

On MacUpdate you can find it here:
Phex - MacUpdate

If you know any more Sites featuring Phex or some resources I missed, please post them!

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