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Sorry if I dont help much on this topic.
The main reason is that so much if not almost all of the download logic has been changed in CVS. Any possible error I could help you analyze might occure differently or hopefully not at all with the next release.
We would like to bring out a release of this version soon, but we are still fighting with problems to convert/upgrade your old download files to the new logic. And I guess you dont like to loose downloads after upgrade.....

But anyway I dont know of a problem where downloads dont continue after restart... you can try to raise your max download connections global and per file (this can give your CPU more load).

The error you are seeing:
050929 20:09:07,0373 Error/Download.Worker:: Error at Host: Vendor: Shareaza - Exception: SOCKS: Connection refused

is nothing to worry about. It is only a cosmetic problem which logs a simply failed connection to a host as an error instead of debug.

If you are behind any kind of firewall like a socks server you will see uploads rarely.

The number of files you are sharing and the aggregated size of the files should be displayed in the upper right corner of your library tab. After starting Phex it might take a little till the file scan is finished before it is displayed.


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