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Thx a lot!

Maybe it would be a good idea and spread ideas to a larger community?

I think you assume that all developers or Gnutella interested users are inside the_GDF? I personally have some problems with the_GDF: The GDF is kind of hidden and still hard to find, I think no Gnutella webside has a link on it. The GDF files (e.g. as linked above) are only available together with an Yahoo account. A lot of traffic on the list are about client orientated details, while I was only interested in Gnutella ideas, concepts and development at whole.
Also it seems that development inside the_GDF is very slow and brake appart from the real world? I remembered when Xolox came up and showed the idea of segemented downloads, or details about FastTrack has been detected (especially the very interesting superpeer concept). I have seen no comment about this breakthrough (but Vinnie Falco saying how bad Xolox and there ideas are).

Personally I have been interested in Gnutella and new ideas. Months before (before I found the_GDF by acident) I was discussing with some other guys about swarming and future ideas... but the ideas were forgotten, because we didn't find other interested users.

Maybe in future you wanna read some postings in this forum (, especially "General Gnutella Discussions") - or spread your research results to a bigger public. I hope a lot of interested user will now find a way to this new forum:

"General Gnutella Development Discussion"

I think dreams, ideas and knowledge are a key to an improved Gnutella (okay _hard_ work from the client developers is another!).

Greets, Moak

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