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Hmm this is a curious thing.. I am guessing that you are using windows, because afaik album art does not show up separately in Mac. I believe the Art is attached to the id3 tags that come with the mp3, and on Mac I open the tag with iTunes and can enter or delete Artwork from there. If you don't use iTunes you will need some other type of id3 tag editor to edit the tags. I don't think they are malicious, but if you are using windows I very much hope you have virus protection running and can check.

This was posted by LOTR yesterday "check their id3 tags with mp3 Rage (now called Media Rage which has better support for other formats such as ogg & m4a)"
and you can find Media rage via Google.

I'm not sure if this helps but let us know if it does.

The fact that the art is showing in Red signifies that it is not apparently part of your Shared files.. I imagine.
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