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I'm not associated with LW (as in work for them) I'm just a forum member like you. That said, you can't hardly blame LW if you got swindled into paying for something thats free. It's not LWs fault and the money didn't go to them. It went to the "scam" site that you got LW from.

It's recommended that you contact your c/c company and explain to them that you got scammed and/or contact the site you paid for LW from and demand your money back.
It would also be wise to delete the version of LW you d/led and then get the one from the official site. The one you got could have spyware/adware/malware/ect.

The official site is here:

Also you are not the first person to be scammed and will not be the last. Here's two threads that might interest you:

get your $$$ BACK!!!(music members)

** BEWARE** - Download p2p Clients ONLY Thru Official Sites
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