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Default Re: File sharing

Originally posted by Galinda

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I'm a complete newbie. I was wondering, I'm really happy to share any files that I've downloaded from Limewire but I don't want to download any other files from mydocuments etc. Will Limewire only access the file it set up in installation to get files or does it have access to my entire hard drive? I just followed the instructions for installation and it never asked me to approve files for sharing.
Any help would be gratefully received.


Gal x
Yes you have posted in entirely the wrong place!, but do not move this question elsewhere as we will both be lost! This is the right forum, but you should have clicked on "new thread" to ask your question.... so for future subjects, that is what you should do. There are forum rules at the top of each forum which are more like helpful tips, and you should read them... They are quite helpful

What you should do is go to Limewire's options or preferences>saving and you will see where your downloads are being saved. Then go to options or preferences >sharing and you will see a list of folders you are sharing. I have a feeling there should be one and it should be the same as your save folder. If it is not you can change it. After changing anything in preferences, make sure you click apply, and OK.

When you are sure what folder or folders, if you chose to add any others, are being shared, nothing apart from them will be available to be seen or uploaded by anyone else.

I hope that helps.
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