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Default Everytime restart LimeWire, Limewire redownload file again to the start

It wasnt like this before. i am using LimeWire Pro 4.9, i noticed one changes which it reallllllly annoyed me. My friend and i tend to use LimeWire to download each other files. He tend to have a HUGE file, his own homemade video for World of Warcraft game. We tend to trade homemade video of World of Warcraft game. ONe of his file happen tooo long and i have to end it. So i assumed that it will save the rest of the file and will resume when it up. but this time, it not. since the new version of Limewire, it would'nt resume the download, instead, it restart the download to the beginning.

Is this s bug or part of LimeWire feature?

If there is a way to resume the download, please tell me. my friend been complaining that he waste his CDs and DVDs for his homemade movie....
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