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Default Fictitious Limewire


Just seen your post, and it is obvious that you went to a scam site and got yourself ripped off.

LW Basic is free and LW Pro only cost $18.88, that works out as 12.00 or 13.00 and they are both available from here:

Unfortunately, you went to a known scam and paid them for nothing, your lifetime membership does not exist, i.e. there is no club or special authority to use the P2P network (which you can freely access with any P2P Gnutella free software), and I strongly suspect that all you got for your money was some bogus software and a URL link to LW Basic.

Your best bet is to go back to your credit card company and tell them you have been defrauded, as most UK credit cards have an anti-fraud scheme, you should get your money back without any difficulty.

One other thing, anything the scam site told you were lies so do not take in anything that the site advertised or promised. Also, to be safe from spyware and viruses, delete any software/application that you downloaded from the scam site.

Next time, whenever you download anything else from the internet make sure you download it from the official, makers or manufacturers site and not the first or second site that comes up in a search engines list, it's an open secret that certain sites pay search engines for coming top of any list based on certain search queries.

You've learned a bitter lesson but next time, hopefully, you'll be a little wiser.

UK Bob
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