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Default Re: Forget FrostWire

Originally posted by pawelsz
Why to use another clone of LimeWire ?

Please choose something that is created from beggining as
Free and Unlimited Gnutella client.

You dont need wait for another LimeWire clone !

Advantages of PHEX:

it's Free - free for price, and Free because released under GPL

it's stable - PHEX is very mature project

it's unlimitd - PHEX is created to be Unlimited [you dont need to modify it to download some "warez" materials]

it exists - PHEX is HERE since few years, you dont need to wait for release - just go to and download it NOW.

its safe - PHEX recived Softpedia "100% FREE" award for
contain NO spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. [unlike many LimeWire clones]

How well will Phex work with Windows XP?
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