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Cool "Any type" search

Although Stief's search technique seemed counterintuitive, it worked amazingly well. It makes artist/title and artist/album searches easy. It also enables results that are limited to those types that a music player can handle, my player can't play .ogg or .m4a files.

The major limitation on this technique is the length of the allowable search string. For example, "Johnny C*sh American Recording .mp3" wouldn't fit. But with creativity and luck it's still possible to make the search length limit, it becomes a matter of guessing what words can be safely left out.

In the end, the "any type" search found results that the "audio" search never did. This didn't mean that any files downloaded successfully, of course - they all needed more sources which never materialized. It is comforting, nonetheless, to have some evidence that these files exist.

Many thanks for the help.

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