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Cool Trojans, Viruses etc. !!!!!! READ

When you are downloading anything from here look at the size of the file. All of those files with a size of 851.7 have either a virus, a Trojan or both. I know, I have been infected with them many times.
After you get done using Limewire, set your virus scanner to run while you are in bed and then check it when you get up. I run my virus scanner at least once a day and sometimes more. And I always run Xoft Spy or Spybot...sometimes more than once a day.
It is a good idea to run one and then run the other one just to make sure you got everything. One time I didn't run mine for several days and I had over 6,000 Spywares and Trojans.
Also be careful about what you install on your system. I have lost everything before and had to reformat and re-install XP.
And last but not least, make sure you run a firewall without fail and a Virus Scanner. Don't get caught with your pants down on this. Like someone else said on here... there are some good free ones you can download like Antivir Virus Scanner, Sygate Firewall and Outpost Firewall and even Zone Alarm has a free Firewall.
BE CAREFUL.....there are some mean malicious people on the net!!!!!!
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