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Default Why are some people scammed?

Sphinx & Limewire

As you guys know, I take a fairly hard line with newbies that recklessly throw their money away but sometimes I do sympathise because some of them truly don't know what they are doing.

Your average newbie, with a bright new internet enabled PC, tends to be overeager and wants to get on the internet to find out what their friends are talking about.

With this in mind, they then go on to make typical newbie mistakes.

1) Google: They google for "best music or films downloads", "Limewire" or something similar.

2) They choose the first or second name on their googled list or choose one of the sponsored links.

Now we know that scam sites pay to come top of any search list asking for music, films or LW, newbies do not know this and so follow the URL link to the scam site. The rest is an often repeated (like a time warp sequence in a Sci-Fi film) history.

Typing in "" in their browser doesn't occur to them because they do not expect to be ripped off or that the internet is not "totally safe". Newbies expect the internet to afford them the same protection as the shops in their local high street but anyone who has used the internet for some time knows better.

And that is what it really comes down to, newbies don't know any better and, this is what I hate, they don't take the time to find out.

UK Bob

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