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Originally posted by Lord of the Rings
I was sure I was downlding from such a version just hrs ago whilst using LW if I can be excused for saying. But all the same, no dramatic gnutella (gnutella 1) improvements for other clients. But always nice to see improvements of some kind. Though even the Changelog suggests still no effort made in that department (G1).

kjf two with no offence intended, do you think in your opinion, the proggies have any intention of improving the G1 aspect of raza? After all, this is what they call the gnutella 'community'. More communal effort on G1 would be appreciated by all G1 clients. Please don't take my words offensively, I'm just pressing a point & querying. I think it's a reasonable question.
For 2.3 there are planned only minor improvements ( X-alt support). Ultrapeer-Support (itīs disabled in 2.2.1 because itīs working but outdated) shall be reimplemented in shareaza 2.4 ( but youīre free to submit the code changes nessesary to implement it into 2.3)
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