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Thanks to this forum, I know that I was also scammed. I was scammed on 9/12/05. I got my money back (even though more than a month had past) by calling my bank. I had paid using a debit card. The telephone number listed on my transaction was 1-866-488-0790 and the transaction was identified by IP-P2PSUPPORT.NET. That is what the scam company was going by then. No telling what name they are using today and the phone number probably does not work. I never even tried it. I told my bank that this transaction was a fraud. I paid for something that was available for free. Also, as to how I found the scam site. I did a Google search looking for a new download site. I came across a site that does download site reviews. The first reviewed site with the highest rating is the one I checked out first. And it was the one I got scammed with. I am sure that the review site is a front for the scam site. The sad part is, more than likely, the bank will just write the loss off since it was only $22.46. So the scam site wins in the end.
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