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Default If you paid for FrostWire click here, you have been scammed, FW is free

->FrostWire's only web site is

->FW is free, never pay for it

->You've been scammed? Try to get a refund ASAP!

Two ways:
1) ->ask and re-ask the scammers by email for a refund since they are providing a free product for a charge and that they are lying about 100% legal downloads (DON'T email, this is OUR legit address, not the scammers addresses)

2) ->if you just "registered" their service, try to stop the money transfer by calling your bank and telling them you've been scammed

Fight back! ->please file a complaint to the FBI with the scammers web site address: ( is NOT the scam website, link the one you registered onto)

Known scammers sites:
(tell us below if you know another offender)

It is true that GPL permits selling of software, HOWEVER
Those sites are illegal and fraudulous because:
-They do not give access to FrostWire source, as required by the GPL
-They lure new non-experimented users into thinking that a subscription gives them the right of legally downloading copyrighted works (Unlimited songs, movies, Legal) which is totally false, as other P2P activities, respect your country laws
-They don't tell what software users are getting (all 100% free software) and links to official websites
-They don't tell that the only thing they could charge, is the support over the usage of the softwares (a support often better on official web sites and forums)

How they work:
-Big scammers makes many websites to lure as many newbies as they can to pay (for exemple,, and have all the same owner), while softwares have only one official website.
-They pay Google many thousands of dollars for ads that are displayed accordingly to your search keywords or the subjects of a web page you visit.
-Once they get too many frustrated users on one site, the scammers close the site and reopen another one with a different address and different design.
-They make millions while legits software developers most often work for nothing.

Please spread the word and use this thread to share your experiences and exchange ideas about how to get a refund.

They do NOT deserve your money over OTHER's work. Do NOT encourage those parasites.

-the FrostWire team

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