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Default Re: Re: Windows XP - Limited Account

There are good reasons for running as a limited user and only logging in as admin when you need to. The best reason is that since you can't install software, it's less likely that you will have malware/spyware installed on your machine without your knowledge.

That's why I'm reading this post, I was looking to do the same thing.

Originally posted by Bullet
Without meaning to state the obvious,but I will anyway...if you have admin priveleges why bother logging in with a limited account?on Windows 2000(which is more buisness orientated)and also Windows XP,Home & Prof,the owner of the software(admin)has much more access and control over their comp than older versions of Windows,so it follows that if a 'guest' is using that machine then they will not have the same 'privileges' as the your scenario,downloading.

For better explanations than I could ever come up with concerning admin rights,and all other things XP visit this forum...
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