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It depends on so many things. It depends on your sources (the hosts you're downlding from), your bandwidth capabilities, how many files you're downlding simultaneously, how many hosts you're connected to & how much bandwidth they have available for you, etc. Try if possible, to stick to downlding from those with 3 or 4 stars as this represents your chances of a successful & reliable connection to them. Also the more sources under the # column lets you know you're downlding from more than one person. The more the better. So if you have a choice, choose the one that looks the easier to connect to. If there's lots of sources, then next time you connect (if you haven't finished downlding the file), you should have a reasonable chance of reconnecting & continuing the downld. Remember, the search button is better than the find sources/resume function. You will have a better chance of finding new sources as people come & go offline all the time. Periodic searches for the same file can sometimes add new sources to your downld. Also, browsing someone who has the file can help the file to continue should it have stalled b/c that person will be connected to others who have the same file (possibly) & that person's uplds may have started showing more bandwidth to other people rather than your slot. I hope that makes sense.

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