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Browsing is not a perfect tool because it hasn't been updated for quite some time & depends on a no. of factors.

To use it, right-click the person you're downlding from & choose Browse. It's more successful if you do this in the downld window rather than the search results window. Make sure you have chat enabled as this makes it easier for you & them to browse (I don't know why!) Also, right-click the top of the downld window column heading & choose to show chat. This will introduce a new column that shows little happy smilie suns or faces for those people who have chat enabled. Though these users are always easier to browse, you may also be able to browse those who don't have it enabled or it doesn't show in that column. When you browse someone, you can also get their ip. With their ip, you can use that to attempt to direct connect to them on another day should they have more files you're interested in or just want to recontinue a file downlding. Ignore ip's that start with 192 as you'll never or rarely be able to direct connect with them.

More on browsing & direct connecting & setting up chat here: How to use Direct Connect

The main issues about Browsing (& direct connecting) are: both you & them need to have available both upld & downld slots & bandwidth. If you or them are too busy or there's no free slots then browsing might not work. But even if it doesn't work 1st time, try again a little later. Trying later may even get more results even if you do succeed the 1st time.

I forgot to mention that firewalls can play a part also. So if they' have properly configured firewalls, then that will make it easier to browse (& DC.)

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