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Default Problems downloading

Hello all. Newb here but I'm not new to P2P. I just downloaded Phex last night and it looks great! I love the features much better than the other clients...although the filter feature leaves much to be desired.

Anyway, I'm having a problem with download speeds/connections. I currently have 32 Ultrapeer connections (5 with a (PP) after them), all show as Type OUT (whatever that means). I do a search for something and I get great results (should with that many connections) literally one time I had 71 users sharing the same file at an average connection speed in the 10Mbps range. When I try to download I either get extremely slow download speeds, like less than 1Kbps, or I continually get "Candidate Unavailable" or "Ignored Candidate (file not found)".

The "file not found" makes no sense at all as they should not have shown up in the first place. Other than that I'm even more confused. One would think that with 70-something hosts at least one would be good but so far no. I haven't even gotten any DL's in excess of 10Kbps!!

So, here's the info...I have Windows XP Pro SP2, AMD Athlon XP3200+ with 1GB or RAM. I'm running Phex version I do have a firewall but I allowed Phex to go through no problem (it's Zone Alarm). I have checked all of my settings in Phex and nothing seems to help...I even tried turning off the firewall for a few seconds. I still have Limewire and I found the exact same file on each and downloaded them at the same time to compare...Limewire had it in less than 10 seconds. Phex is still DL'ing it 20 minutes later!


EDIT: Forgot to mention that I have a 1.5Mbps connection.

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