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Well, I reconfigured Phex. I changed the port back to default (6346), upped all of my numbers for connections, downloaded the XP patch that allows more than 10 consecutive connections...basically I tried everything you recommended and more. Still nothing. I turned off the firewall and it still showed it as being behind a firewall. (I only turned off the FW within itself) Next I tried actually shutting down the firewall BEFORE starting Phex and it still shows the firewall as being up. Yes, Microsoft's FW is disabled.

What I did find interesting is this...and I'm not very knowledgeable in this area....when I log into Phex with the firewall on it shows my IP as 70.5*.13*.13*. When I logged in without the firewall it first showed and then switched to the previous IP once it had a connection. When I looked in Zone Alarm I found the 127 IP listed as a "loopback adapter". It also listed my ethernet card. So, by the looks of this, the 127 IP must be something I'm hooked up to, right? But what? I do have a hub (not a router) between my DSL modem and my CPU but I didn't think hubs had IP's. Could this be my modem's IP?

Any other thoughts?

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