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Default Deleting files from Library

This is just the latest episode of deleting files from library - resulting in files being lost forever

Please - can we have some kind of warning window telling of the consequences of deleting files from the library - people just don't know that this will happen.

Guys, its not funny losing Files, why deleting them from shared list.
It also deleted it from my harddisk.... and i couldnt get them back, now im trying to find them again.
So im searching a program like Norton Rescue. This program can find them back, if they havent been overwritten on the harddisk..

If any one knows a shareware or freeware for this it would help me, cuz i dont have norton anymore....

I think thats something you should change in this program...

I just wanted to remove from shared files... and not to delete from my harddisk.

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