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here are all of the options that my nero gives me .
Favorites: 1. make Audio 2 make video

Data: 1 make data cd 2 amke data dvd 3.make audio and data CD 4.make bootable cd 5.make bootable dvd

Audio: 1.make audio cd audio 3.make mp3 cd 4.make mp3 dvd 5.make wma cd 6.make wma dvd 7.make nero digital audio cd 8 make mero digital audio dvd

Photo and movie: 1.make video cd 2.make super video cd 3.burn dvd video files

Copy and back up: 1.copy cd 2. copy dvd 3. burn image to disc

Extras:1.get system info 2.test drive 3. erase cd 4.erase dvd 5.make label or cover 6.control driver speed 7.disc info.

All of these options have me so confused i have no idea how to work nero to burn a movie i have only used it to burn music. I hope that i can figure it out cause i am getting very frustrated with this.
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