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Default Trying to run before you can walk


I have just read through your other thread about "help with video saving" and it seems to me that you are trying to run before you can walk.

Now I understand that computers may be new to you and you know they can do all sorts of things that didn't seem possible a few years ago. But the only way to do something for the very first time is toO get the particular manual, sit down and read through it.

Every expert, knowledgable person, etc. has had to, at some time in their lives, read through manuals. Once you understand how something is suppose to work you will find it a breeze to get it to do what you want. You just have to take that first step.

I see in this thread that Peerless has advised you to upgrade to Nero 7, which is good advice, but you wil still need the mnual if you are going to get the best out of it.

I am somewhat behind on that, I still use Nero 5.5 and I have found that I can burn and do all sorts of things with it, such as burn my own SVCDs which I can play on my DVD player, burn my CDs, with or without a 2 second gap between songs and more. All of which I would not have known about if I had not bothered with the manuals.

Uk Bob
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