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Originally posted by podapop00
this forum is kind of dead..?
I guess it depends on the time of day or day of week you come onto the forum as to how many members are online.

Stief's answer was correct. But the issue being why did LW detect the file as being corrupt. AFAIK When a file is put up for sharing, & you find it in a search & select to download it, you initially download the hash of the file which describes the file size, contents, any tag information, etc. However, if a person (the sharer) decides to rename the file or change or add a tag description to it, then it can change the hash of the file. This sometimes happens after a person has started downlding the file. Thus, LW detects differences in the file generally once it reaches 100% & rechecks that the original hash is identical to the final file downloaded, so if this is different LW will attempt to redownld the % it detected or decides that it needs to be redownlded to match the original hash. When people downld a file it goes into their share. It might be hours or days or weeks before they check this file. They may decide that the description is not accurate so they change it. This can affect those who had already started downlding it. There are other reasons for files being corrupt, but the above is just one example of what may happen.

It's my guess that the file you have is probably already 100%. Try playing it & see if it has the end. I'd recommend VLC - (click on link) _ (choose nearest mirror site) as this player is generally very reliable for playing LW video downlds.
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