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Default Re: More about a Gnutella Swarming idea

Finding most requested files is the first item: Every client could maintain a statistics of highly uploaded files (files often downloaded by other users from itself) and tells other clients which they are (e.g. once on connect). I think we should not use search queries to maintain these statistics, because they are too inaccurate and upcoming query caches or super peers (which I both highly recommend) would falsify those results.
Sniffing Queries/Queryhits can be an addition to maintain a statistics of most requested files.
Such a passive sniffing (or call it passive searching) does cost no extra traffic and should be allready inplemented in a modern client (to improve automatic requeries in a healthy way). Yes, the results will be falsifyed by query caches... but passive search will help, especially when users do not share enough files to create a good upload statistics.
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