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I see a (potentially big) problem:
There are many many people who use LW (or any other Gnutella client) that don't stroll around the forums to get a general idea of what to not dld. They aren't trying to help distribute those crap files, but they also don't know which file is a potential crapper and which isn't.
Now, let's say I found a crap file and want to use that nifty little feature to block the IPs of all those sharing said file.
What happens if, at the moment I click the button to block these people, there are 700 other normal users who accidentally downloaded that same file?

While the server idea is good (although LW doesn't have any such server AFAIK. It would have to be a third-party server, but servers cost money...) the big dev heads in LW would have to really think it through before implementing any such feature in order to avoid the above...
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