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See these 1. Membership? - **WARNING ** - Download p2p Clients ONLY Thru Official Sites (click on link), & also this one please 2. Known Scam Sites (click on link) & see if you can determine where you got yours. Your browser history or C/Card details will tell you. Please tell us which one. Remember $18.88 is US dollars.

3. This might help get your $$$ BACK!!! (music members)

4. DVD's in their natural state are not shared over gnutella. They are always converted to another format & reduced in size to fit either onto a VCD or SVCD. But you can still burn them onto DVD. Nero 6 & 7 & Roxio are the best for this. Don't downld anything other than AVI & MPG/MPeg as they are most reliable & easiest to re-convert to DVD.

Some video hints:

A: Movie download issues

B: Learn to use Bitzi lookup to see user-feedback about particular files if they have been reported to bitzi; How to use Bitzi Web Lookup ...

C: Direct instructions to eliminate porn from results

D: autogenerated spam results ie: ignore any file less than 2 MB (2,000 KB) in size.

E: WARNING: Viruses on network you should be aware of!

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