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Lightbulb Queue control and specifying priority

I'd like to see a little tweak in the queue control.

I easy can have over 100 files in my download window. Most are usually paused as a "wish list" and about 15 are active and 5 are set to download. Sometimes it's more than this. I just recently discovered the Priority feature in the column's list. And the queue up and down arrows. So I've been toying around with this. There's a file that's marked as #47 and I want it at #1. So instead of giving myself a case of carpel tunnel I would think it would be a bit more user friendly to have a drop down menu to just choose what number I want it as priority. Or just right click the file and have a queue menu and a menu pop out of the side of that with your number choice. Or perhaps an easy button that just bumps it to the top of the list. It just seems rediculous to be clicking that much.

It would also be nice to have a set priority on each of the files in your downloads window. Just highlight some and want them as firsts, the others as second and thirds to complete like Getright has. But that might be a little different as Limewire files are sometimes available as internet files are always available. This would be helpful when you start Limewire as all of your downloads seem to want to start connecting at startup. It could just start with the highest priority first and so on.
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