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You didn't say what sort of connection you have or what speed your isp claims you should have, but if your test is showing a down rate of 167Kb/s, then the sort of maximum speed you will be seeing in your download window will be 20.8 KB/s (one eighth of 167). Remember to try doing a few speed tests at different times of day and night.

You will occasionally get a freak surge, and from what you have said your 60KB/s was a freak surge.

So check with your isp and see what speed they claim you should get and if they say roughly 167 ... then you can only increase your speed with a faster connection. If they say it should be higher. explain your speed tests and see if they can't do something about it.

I hope this helps , and you haven't been too thrown out by the kilobit/kilobyte thing
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