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WinMx is still a good program but LimeWire is a better program although I have only been on WinMx a couple of times since it got shut down. And I haven't been there lately between it an MX Monitor it did a good job of stooping leaches. And by the way Bubba_Gump it would allow a person requesting a small file to download it even if you were maxed out on your slots and had a 100 people in your Q and using maximum bandwidth to upload.

WinMx's major problem was a horrendous memory leak if you left it on for more than 10hrs it would consume huge amounts of CPU and memory thus killing the average computer. And yes it was a bit elitist but if you had allot of popular files you could get anything you wanted.

But I have found that with LimeWire I have no problem finding files I search for and I can download allot faster with LimeWire than I can with WinMx the best I ever did with WinMx was 150Kb/s with LimeWire I routinely DL at 500Kb/s and have seen up to 900Kb/s. LimeWire is by far the most efficient file share program I have ever used.
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