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I've had to turn off the junk filter in order to get any "What's New" results.

With my current set-up and habits, the filter was more of a hassle, but quite interesting to test, and working around the spam was already habitual

Other notes about the 4.9.39 Beta:

--About box needs updating (i.e, Dave Nicponski; Roger Kapsi)

-- command-clicking (OS X) on one of several selected entries should deselect the entry. Instead, it deselects everything else and selects the entry (this is old, like the false drag and drop problem in the downloads panel).

--search results are sorting by case in the name column

--when running as UP and with the filter on, heavy CPU activity somehow was triggering a loss of leaves.

--would be nice if the new look for the search tabs applied also to the pane tabs, status bar icons, scroll buttons, and the like.