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One thing I've noticed about the win 4.9.40 is the stop search button sometimes seems to become faded out so I can only stop a search by right-clicking the search tab. This has been happening in spurts/groups of searches. Actually I noted this seems to happen after I right-click the tab to repeat the search. Or is this normal. I don't always want to stop a search.

As far as the filter goes, I find that the result still seems to display despite being set not to (I'm concentrating on virus sizes for program files; ie: 765/851 KB.) One moment they'll appear as normal, a few secs later with a trash can as it recognises them as junk. At present I have settings at around 85-90% for the slider. I've increased it bit by bit over this session.

Sometimes a new one shows up in the results window, I click junk & the others with a trash icon disappear as well as that one. I'm meaning only a small % of those detected as spam showed up in the results window. Is this normal. And why do they suddenly disappear only sometimes when another one is designated as junk?