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and on the point of amount of data downloaded, I D/L the entire Neon Genesis Evangelion series (26 episodes, yes, I like anime), at a total of about 1.5GB or so. The enitre time of the download (about 4 days), it only crashed... oh, wait, that's right. IT DIDN'T! Crashing programs don't always equate to faulty software. Hardware incompatibilities are often brought to light by the programs that use them. This is especially true with communications hardware. The cheapest NIC on the cheapest MoBo will sometimes give you headaches. Even a good NIC on a cheap MoBo might yield odd results, and vice versa.

Just popping in the CD, and letting the Windows installer take over is almost never the best approach. Especially when it comes to chipset drivers. Even the order in which you install drivers can have an adverse effect on system stability in the long run. Bottom line, don't always blame the most obvious cause, because while it may be the easiest target, it may not be the correct target.

BTW, if your wondering about my hardware and O/S credentials, I have 10 years experience building Desktop PC's, workstations, servers, and the occasional network when the call comes in for one. I've been around since the C:\> prompt. In not so many words, I'm not talking out of my ***, I do have some semblance of what's going on.