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If you knew anything, you would know that when you see "XoloX Caused an Access Violation in..." message, it means that the XoloX EXE is writing to memory it didn't allocate or accidentally freed. That's an application issue, pure and simple.

I've been programming for 16 years. I've been building PC's for 10 years. I've been a network analyst for 5 years. I built and configured dozens of mail server/gateway boxes that have been used reliably for the last 6 years by one of the world's largest chemical companies (and they don't crash). Your 'credentials' don't impress me. I know a software fault when I see it.

Your experience with the program on a single machine downloading a tiny 1.5GB over 4 days is not a good basis to tell me I'm incorrect for what I've seen on 3 machines while downloading 100GB (and uploading dozens of GB's) over months time. Yes, on occasion *I* have gone 4 days without a crash, but it's rare (and only possible under XP, from my testing).

These are not machines where I "just popped in a CD", nor or they built from cheap or obscure components. They are rock-solid builds. There are *no* driver issues with these boxes.

You may not have had any problems *yet*, but you are way in the minority here. You *will* eventually see what I'm talking about, should you continue to use XoloX.

It's all academic at this point anyway. XoloX is dead.