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Old December 27th, 2005
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I had set the filter to strict all the way and not to show junk files. While selecting 4 files and marking them as junk in a total list of 8 I suddenly have only 1 file remaining. Sometimes all the results in the search window dissapear. Seems odd to me. Mostly the smaller files I will mark as junk because they're only spam. Some huge files though are too so I mark them as well. Now I go on a completely different search for another file, totally different name and find a ton of files that aren't junk are marked as junk! Why? I set the filter to show the junk files so that I can now see what's marked as junk that I DIDN'T mark as junk to unmark it. Ugh. I've sinse just turned the whole damn thing off as it seems to be more of a hassle. I still say just put a file size filter on. I don't see how you're supposed to train something when you don't know how it works or is designed in the first place. Then when you sort it, the junk files won't sort and there's valid files above and below. Just not worth it.