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I'm having a similar problem connecting to the gnutella networks over a wireless network. I've tried in two separate locations; one in Northern Florida and the other in Southern Florida, and the exact same issue occurs; this one.

The cache is no longer stuck at 45.87 percent; every time I close and reopen Gnucleus the percent goes up approximately .13 percent, and I cannot connect.

This network is on a linksys wireless router, and the other is on a sisco wireless router. The computers in northern florida use Norton Internet Security, and in southern florida one uses McAfee and the other uses the microsoft xp firewall.

All of the computers run WinXP SP2. What's strange is that this problem has not occurred in my dorm room on a regular connection or at my home in New York on a regular connection. Is this something limited to wireless network configurations?

Could someone provide some help? Much appreciated.
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