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Originally posted by Sphinx
I dont understand why all of a sudden these newbies need to ask these very dumb questions. do you really worry about such things while you're downloading stealing that piece of copyrighted software that is probably riddled with viruses and hidden trojans anyway? trojans will do more harm to your computer than getting caught by the FBI for stealing software.
Yes, I agree no one is 100% sure or safe with downloading music I dont think the FBI doesn't care anymore that were downloading music and you ask yourself why am i saying this well im saying this because they coud be the ones putting the songs out there so that our computers can be affected and then ppl will be scared the next time theyv try downloading songs. There all full of viruses and trojns well i can say this to you people i have 4 firewalls Norton-Antivirus 2005 (Which I ill be upgrading soon) and well i think im kinda safe if anyone else t im not 1000% sure lol 99.9% sure LMAO
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