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Megalomania ,

You have been scammed.
Contact your bank/credit card company, they should have a fraud dept that can help you out.
If you can contact the site that you bought Limewire from and demand your money back. You should also consider canceling you credit card cause now they have your billing info who knows what else they will do with it.

The only place you should get LW from is the official site: all others should be considered scams. LW basic is free. Pro costs US$18.88.and is good for 6 months free updates and 6 months pro support. They send you an e-mail that connects you to your personal Pro download page. After the 6 months you decide if you want to get another 6 months at a reduced rate.

There is no subscription rate, it's a one time charge good for 6 months.

For more info on scams read this thread: Membership? - **WARNING ** BEWARE** - Download p2p Clients ONLY Thru Official Sites
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