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ChrisAvalon try to ignore files less than 1 MB (1,000 KB) in size then you'll get what you want. Use the spam filter to filter out the spam. There's discussions as to its use in the LW Beta section of the forum.

As far as the shape of the network goes, I'd say that since the Grokster court case, mysteriously a high no. of mp3 spam suddenly started to autospam the network. 1. autogenerated spam results, & also 2. autogenerated mp3 spam results & over the past 9 months, a lot of virii has also started showing up; WARNING: Viruses on network you should be aware of! (click on link) & also porn results Direct instructions to eliminate porn from results. But, the network has grown in size & poplulation. The no. of files shared has increased as people have swapped from other networks & new p2p users buoyed by the popularity. The issue is, search results are being fogged by spam. Learn to deal with it & you'll get more than you might have at the start of the year. And I say that whilst humouring within 42 degree celsius (107 F) on the last day of the year. lol

Some search tips: 1. Cant search well help

2. See the following link & follow “ALL” the off-shoot links to find hints & extra skills to help solve your problem: To continue files downlding (click on link)
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