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I'm trying for days only with the audio 134.4 kb spam, using the don't display junk option, first testing with strict , second with about 40% sensitivity - there is no difference. Anything I search, always get the spam, sooner or later - maybe sometimes I connected to "good' UPs.
After marking as junk and researching, I usually get the spam displayed with another search string variation as normal, the marked string displayed as junk 100%.
Marking again the normal ones as junk and researching, I get again the spams displayed, but already with the junk trash icon and 100% displayed in every line. If I try other strings to search too, they all are displayed as junk 100.
The filter works approximately as follows: in 80 % of the cases it doesn't work, every results are displayed, in 15 % it works partly and in 5% fully. I didn't get false junk results.
Maybe You are trying other cases, but I get only this spam.
There is one good outcome: the spams are better visible because of the trash icon and the 100% junk displayed, not only the 134.4 kb size.
I think the developer(s) should work on the filter yet.