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I've read all of your references, what is wiritten about this 134.4 kb mp3 spam. I must tell that I never downloaded such a file, I have no virus, spyware, adware. This is verified online and regularly with McAfee virusscan, Zonealarm firewall, Spybot search, Spyware Blaster, Ad-Aware 1.5 Personal.
So remain the training of junk filter - I think I've written already how I've done it. Again: I search for Blabla1 blabla2 string, and mark as junk all spam result that is not displayed as junk already, and I repeat this...But this is a never ending cycle: I always get spam displayed - as junk already, and not omitted from the results.
If you can, please tell me concretly, how can I really filter, what would you do in this case.

Thanks your help.