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Default Free products to kill all nasties! and speed up computer! to be safe :D

Some free programs ALL tested personally except for one!

The basics to be safe :

1. A firewall: Sygate Personal Firewall (available @ not sure), ZoneAlarm Free,Kerio personal firewall,Tiny personal firewall, agnitum outpost firewall whatever floats your boat but doesnt drive you crazy...

2. For the unexperienced (Warning i have not tested it, it is a beta version, for those who have no virus protection or firewall and aren't very good with those kinda things) (Warning do not download if you have other protection like norton or avast or whatever this is for people with new computers or who think there current things are too complicated) Windows One Care Live live with a firewall, antispyware and antivirus solutions... its free for now

3. Registry Cleaner or Cleaners: Easycleaner pretty good clears out alot of useless crap, ccleaner (HIGHLY recomended got rid of over 500mb first time used also has registry cleaner which is alrighty do) and a highly recomended registry cleaner RegSeeker which found over 400 entries after using reg cleaner and ccleaner

4. The oh so terrible spyware antispyware, adaware, spybot, ewido, arovax antispyware .. all free all good

5. Antivirus solutions: Avg(good) , antivirus free personal edition, bit defender 8 free edition (many updates but no on access protection for the free edition), Avast! woot on access protection good (slow) scanner with lots of program and virus updates,

6. For trojans and rootkits and other malware, f-secure blacklight beta works pretty good for rootkits, ewido once again(its Mazing like that chocolate bar on that commercial you know where the 2 guys are in that tube thingy going up and down its hilarious lol) , a-squared free has lots of definitions like ewido and LOTS of updates!!!!!!!!!! also windows malicious software removal if your systems truly messed up with something bad lol

7. Firefox or mozilla or opera or w.e well you know...... that have less malware, spyware and viruses... highly recomended

8. Things to stop well crap from getting on your computer in the first place... spyware guard, spyware blaster, arovax sheild (oops i mean shield remember kids i before e except after c... :P) also hijackthis! and a-squared hijackfree from emnisoft it's a nice change which gives you a look on whats good and what's bad... more user friendly then hijackthis!

9. Just to keep ur computer running fine.. keep it defragged also with Ram Def 2.71 EXTREME very fast very usefull lol and crap cleaner (ccleaner mentioned above) and reg seeker also to remove things slowing your computer down

10. THE MOST IMPORTANT ALL IN ONE WORKS ON EVERY COMPUTER DR WINDOWS!!!!!!!... ( really want to have a good laugh download this i guarentee you'll get frusterated with it but can easily be closed has no spyware, malware, trojans or anything... i downloaded it and found nothing please tell me if it does so i can take it off the forum lol ) it is a joke antivirus thing that does absolutely nothing get the newest version now look it up on google fool ur relatives and friends! fool the computer guy who freaks at viruses or whoever it is completely awesome
even if you think its dumb give it a try it wont do anything it says it does dont worry (what i mean by that one message is..... you moved ur mouse you must restart ur computer LOL and many more)

to be safe download some of these i will update it if i test any more or learn more about these

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