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Allot of the people that are sharing the virus do not know they even have it. They are just naive to what they are doing. Just look through this forum people come here all of the time saying LimeWire wont shut down whats wrong.

Or they come here saying why are there so many files 851.7kb in size. I downloaded it and opened it but it didn't work. These people do not even realize that once they have opened it they have infected themselves and are sharing literally 100s of these files on the net since this Virus replicates itself.

Generally it probably on takes a few days for these people to realize they have a virus but in that few days they can have virtually thousands of copies of this file. Now I am not sure but I think this file has the ability to read the names of files and rename itself when it recreates itself.

Well I think you can figure out the rest of it and but just in case you cant if a person downloads 1 = 1000s of files shared that is basically the reason there are so many of them.

And by the way if I was a person that wanted to destroy a P2P net I think that this might be a good way to start down that path. Hell I have to do is release 1 file into the wild and watch it grow.
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