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I have to admit I've only just started using the OSX version of LW. I did deliberate searches to filter out junk as my main objective to document the process. I did a couple of repeat searches. But I found the program crashed after about 90 mins or less. I certainly seemed like less.

2nd time around: LW open for about 30 mins: Real memory certainly seemed to jump by about 100 MB after the 1st search. 2nd search for junk it increased considerably for VM & ram. And again 3rd search. 4rth search was a repeat search. During this search VM increased at about 1 MB/sec or a little faster.

There's definitely some kind of severe memory leak!

F was taken a couple of mins after search 4. E was during the search. F was just after the 4th search. G was 10 mins later whilst being static. And H was the same about 5-10 mins later being static whilst I was doing these images in PS. I've never seen such dramatic memory loss due to LW. No wonder it crashed for me so quickly. And for Only A Hobo.
I use Panther 10.3.9, 1.5 GB ram, about 12 GB HDD space left on that partition. Java 1.4.2_9
5 mins later after finishing this post it's now up to 1.92 GB VM, 158.47 MB ram. Mind you it's increasing dramatically despite being static (except for uploads.) I do have a lot of incomplete files but they're all static at present (need more sorcery.) The vm's increasing about 10 MB per 10 secs still. Exactly 10 mins after my last edit, it reached 2.33 GB VM & about 250 MB ram. It then crashed as I was writing this! In all it was open for about an hour I guess. It's pointless for me to use it as it is. An hour's use is ...
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